What are incentives?

Incentives are sales tools: rewards that attract your customers' attention, inspire them to purchase, & motivate them to spend more. 

How do I get started?

It’s easy! First, visit our Network Marketing Tools page to learn more about the tools available to you. Then visit our secure ordering platform to purchase your tools for success.

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How do they work?

Incentives project value, grab attention, and create interest, driving customers to you instead of someone else. Travel rewards, in particular, provide unique experiences - the surprise and delight kind - that breed customer loyalty and satisfaction.  Want to know more?  View Network Marketing Tools.

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Are there any minimums?

Nope! You can order 1 incentive, 100, or 1,000!

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How do tool kits work?

We offer a variety of value-priced, custom-built kits, saving you 20% to 35% off of our already reduced prices! From the Network Marketing Sampler to the Network Marketing Maximizer, our kits are designed to set you on the fast track to success.View our Network Marketing Tool Kits.

What's the catch?

There is none, that's the best part! You can experiment with different incentives, risk-free, to see which ones work best for you. Learn more about our network marketing tools.

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I received my incentive trips and have given one of them to my clients who just returned from the Virgin Islands. I'm currently working on a group trip to the Virgin Islands again. Thanks again for your help and assistance. My clients love their free incentive trip!
Cynthia Williams, Sales Incentives Member  
I received the certificates just in time for my "plan your vacation party"...I had my party last night and had 22 participants. It was a lot of fun. I gave the certificates to those who booked a 5 day or over vacation/cruise and paid in full and 5 of the 22 did it. I also gave a couple as a raffle and booked 3 cruises for next year. I think more people should do this. It's amazing how easy it is and all I spent was $40.00 in cold cuts/crackers, soda, coffee and iced tea plus the money for the certificates. Can't ask for anything better. Thanks for all your help.
Celida Trujillo, Sales Incentives Member  
I love the package that I received.
TK Smith, Sales Incentives Member  
"I must say I LOVE ALL YOUR Incentives. They are increasing my inquiry ratio and turning them into sales. I also love the new brochures. This is great. Thanks so much."
Lawrence Turner, Sales Incentives Member  
"I was introduced last year to the website by a fellow agent who used the site's sales tools to help maximize the leverage I have as a sales professional. With this site, I now have the leverage I need."
Joe Chirco, Sales Incentives Member  
“The sales incentives work fantastically to help build your team. They are such a great value that you can offer them to a lot more people. Our potential new customers that receive these from one of our open houses get to enjoy a trip which only makes them more excited to buy.”
James Halpin, Sales Incentives Member  
“I love these products! I used the 5 Day 4 Night Cruise incentive, during the last Bridal Show that I did. The referral's were amazing. I had more people actually listen to what I had to offer because of the incentive. I told every prospect that I talked to, that after 7 days who ever signed up with me would be put into a drawing to win this amazing trip. This really helped sort through the No's and Yes'. Thank you Sales Incentives, your product really does work.
Christina Rideout, Sales Incentives Member  
"My wife and I are new to selling. The Free give-away of a Mini Vacation of 3 days and 2 nights has definitely helped me see more people. In 2008 I have given out over 300 vacations and made over 150 new sales."
JoAnne and Michael, Sales Incentives Members  
“I am a general insurance agent selling everything from car, home and life. Getting an appointment is the hardest part of my business. I give out the free mini vacation to anyone who will give me 30 minutes of their time. Works great!"
Craig Yarnell, Naperville, IL, Sales Incentives Member  
"I have been ordering your travel vouchers for some time now and use them primarily as raffle prizes when I have a vendor table at various events. They have been a great source to gather contact information for my business and for that I thank you."
 Carolyn Parrish, Sales Incentives Member
"The Sales Incentives Center has distinguished our organization as one which delivers quality products and services. It’s now included in plans for a number of our marketing organizations and many of our markets have been extremely impressed with this program and the unique and practical offerings"
Gary Bastie, Sales Incentives Member
"Before my brochures and certificates even arrive… I’ve increased my ROI over 300%!!! Because we have these incentives, my TEAM is growing and I’m BOOKING more TRAVEL! Thank you very much!"
 A.J. Williams , Sales Incentives Member

Hear it from the Travelers!m
You know that using our network marketing tools will help you grow your business, but what will your customers think? Take a moment to read these testimonials from a few of our happy travelers.
Eleanor and I wish to THANK YOU for the two day, out of town (Corpus Christi) holiday we enjoyed with your assistance of the two night stay at the motel in San Antonio.

We had a wonderful time, enjoyed great food and got a nice rest. We thoroughly enjoyed being able to get away from our everyday routine here at home and get out and see some wonderful sights up in the “Hill Country” North of San Antonio.

I am enclosing the Hotel validation as you instructed so you will be able to refund our $50.00 deposit. Thanks again for all you provided to make our week-end very special.
God Bless,
Hugh & Eleanor Smith
Everything was as depicted. We were very pleased with our room.
Peter DiGiosc  
We enjoyed our stay, the hotel was very nice and we would go again.
Terry Lupkey
We had a lovely suite one block from the (Las Vegas) strip – very convenient and comfortable!
Thank you for the $50.00 refund and the opportunity to enjoy 2 nights at your expense.
Joan Houston  
Here’s my validation letter for my stay at ‘Ocean Park’ at Myrtle Beach, SC, to receive my $50.00 deposit back from Grand Incentives.
I want to take this opportunity to say my stay was excellent, the accommodations met every need I had, and the view was spectacular. Thanks again, can’t remember when I had such a good time.
Toni Hinson
We will never forget this trip. It was our last vacation with our 21 year old daughter. She was killed two weeks later in an automobile accident. She left us a 2 year old to raise so maybe one day we can take her 2 year old back and share the memories!  
Ronnie & Vickie Carrigg