What are incentives?

Incentives are sales tools: rewards that attract your customers' attention, inspire them to purchase, & motivate them to spend more. 

How do I get started?

It’s easy! First, visit our Network Marketing Tools page to learn more about the tools available to you. Then visit our secure ordering platform to purchase your tools for success.

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How do they work?

Incentives project value, grab attention, and create interest, driving customers to you instead of someone else. Travel rewards, in particular, provide unique experiences - the surprise and delight kind - that breed customer loyalty and satisfaction.  Want to know more?  View Network Marketing Tools.

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Nope! You can order 1 incentive, 100, or 1,000!

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How do tool kits work?

We offer a variety of value-priced, custom-built kits, saving you 20% to 35% off of our already reduced prices! From the Network Marketing Sampler to the Network Marketing Maximizer, our kits are designed to set you on the fast track to success.View our Network Marketing Tool Kits.

What's the catch?

There is none, that's the best part! You can experiment with different incentives, risk-free, to see which ones work best for you. Learn more about our network marketing tools.

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Network Marketing Accelerator Kit (You Save over 30%!) What’s This? $129.95
Network Marketing Maximizer Kit (You Save over 35%!) What’s This? $199.95
Your Getaway What’s This? $3.00
Your Dream Week Vacation What’s This? $15.00
$500 Cruise Dollars What’s This? $10.00
$100 GrandAir Card What’s This? $10.00
Golf or Spa Getaway What’s This? $12.00
Opportunity Invite Scripts What’s This? $9.95
Brilliant Sales Questions What’s This? $49.95
Brilliant Communicator and Workbook What’s This? $89.95
Professional Inviter What’s This? $129.95
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  Network Marketing Sampler Kit:SAVE 20%!
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The best place to start is as the beginning. We suggest you start with a wonderfully exciting array of travel incentives to catapult your success! Before you start using incentives for your business, you probably want to see them for yourself to make sure they're up to your standards and of good quality.  Our Network Marketing Sampler Kit contains one of each of our six incentives.  It's an insanely inexpensive and easy way to discover which incentives will work best for you. As a special offer to you, the Network Marketing Sampler Kit is available to you for only $39.95. You save more than 20% off what you would pay if you bought these incentives individually.  So, are you ready to take a closer look?  The package includes:

(1) Your Getaway
(1) $500 Cruise Dollars
(1) $100 Grand Air Card
(1) Golf or Spa Getaway
(1) Dream Week Resort Getaway

Your Package Cost: $39.95
You Save 20%!

  Network Marketing Starter Kit:SAVE 25%!
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You've seen how using incentives can increase your sales and help you build lasting relationships with your customers. Don't stop there! You've got your foot in the door, now it's time to take the next step.  Our Network Marketing Starter Kit contains more of all of your favorite incentive products.  We've custom-built this package to be perfectly balanced with lots of acquisition tools to get people in the door, and high-value rewards to take them over the finish line.  As a special offer to you, the Network Marketing Starter Kit is available to you for $69.95. That's a savings of 25% off what you would pay if you bought these incentives individually.  Now's the time to take that first serious step to improving your business.  So, are you ready to move the needle?  The package includes:

(20) Your Getaway
(2) $500 Cruise Dollars
(2) Golf or Spa Getaway

Your Package Cost: $69.95
You Save 25%!

  Network Marketing Accelerator Kit:SAVE 30%!
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For serious sales professionals ready to take business to the next level, the Network Marketing Accelerator will help you crank it up! There is no quicker, more effective, or less expensive way to drive your sales success and now's the time to re-stock your incentives inventory.  Our Network Marketing Accelerator contains even more of your favorite products. As a special offer to you, the Network Marketing Accelerator is available to you for $129.95. That's a great deal - more than 30% off our already discounted prices! Buy the Network Marketing Accelerator today, and see watch your acquisition, conversion, and retention efforts soar tomorrow.   The package includes:

(30) Your Getaway
(3) Escape to Mexico
(3) $100 Grand Air Card
(3) Golf or Spa Getaway
(3) Dream Week Resort Getaway

Your Package Cost: $129.95
You Save 30%!

Network Marketing Maximizer Kit:SAVE 35%!
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For people who have already discovered the power of incentives, and are ready to build on that foundation, the Network Marketing Maximizer is for you.  Now it's time to build upon your speedy success. Use incentive and reward strategies to open doors, get people's attention and gain interest among prospects with appealing, high perceived value travel incentives. Plus, provide high value rewards for listening to a presentation; joining the program; making a purchase, meeting your goals. These conversion tools will help you close more opportunities than you imagined.  Our Network Marketing Maximizer contains even more of your favorite products. As a special offer to you, the Network Marketing Maximizer is available to you for $199.95. That's an additional 30% off our already discounted prices! So, are you ready to maximize your business potential?  The package includes:

(35) Your Getaway
(5) Select a Cruise
(5) Escape to Mexico
(5) $100 Grand Air Card
(5) Dream Week Resort Getaway

Your Package Cost: $199.95
You Save 35%!

 Your Getaway
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A low-cost/high perceived value incentive, Your Getaway is a powerful customer acquisition and appointment-setting tool. 

The recipients of this incentive can lose their cares when they find themselves on a fabulous three-day/two night getaway. It includes their choice of one of dozens of destinations worldwide, from the magical enchantment of Orlando to the Aloha spirit of Hawaii. They can ski Tahoe's famous slopes; try their hands at Lady Luck in Vegas; sail into the sunset in St. Thomas, or visit Cabo San Lucas for romance and relaxation at land's end.

The possibilities for creating lifelong memories are simply astounding.

Your Dream Week Vacation
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Open doors, gain people's attention and gain interest among prospects with this versatile vacation package. 

From the peaceful Poconos in Pennsylvania to the intoxicating ka-ching of Atlantic City's casinos, this seven-night resort stay can be whatever its recipients want it to be. They can choose from more than a dozen destinations within this great country and many international destinations, each with its own character and special brand of beauty. Do they love the mountains? They can head for the Rockies. Prefer to lounge on a beach? Head for Florida's sunny shores. Glamorous Palm Springs is California's desert oasis.

They might like to pack the family for wholesome fun in Branson, or treat the kids to a thrilling week in Orlando. This Resort Week offers the best of the world and America the Beautiful.

 $500 Cruise Dollars
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Expect smooth sailing when it comes to increasing sales when you offer this exciting incentive that guarantees a good time!

Recipients of this incentive will enjoy cruising in style! Carnival Cruise Lines has got it covered. This floating resort includes dozens of unique venues for sumptuous meals, Vegas-style shows, swimming, dancing, working out and shopping duty-free. Guests can take advantage of grown-up pleasures while their children are having a blast enjoying supervised activities designed for kids from 2 to 14. A Carnival Fun Ship is a destination in itself but also makes exploring exotic locales a breeze.

Ships depart from Los Angeles (Long Beach), California; Port Canaveral, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana or Galveston, Texas. Tell them to take their pick, start packing and… Select a Cruise!

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The Grand Air gift card is your ticket to boosting your close ratio.

In an age of ever-changing airfare, the Grand Air gift card offers peace of mind in knowing airline tickets will cost $25 to $100 less.

This card can be used in increments, up to four times for discounts on travel within the United States and select international destinations. Here's how it works: If the base fare is between $200 and $299, for example, the Grand Air card guarantees $25 off. If it's between $300 and $399, then $50 off, and so on, up to a $100 discount on base fares of $500 or more.

The Grand Air card is reusable up to $100; it's flexible and can be applied toward the recipient's and their family's airfare. They are sure to have happy travels!  

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Mexico may be magical, but incentives are pure science. Use this one to triple your referrals.

This exotic excursion allows recipients to experience the timeless magic and beauty of Mexico for five days and four nights at one of two of its most beloved destinations: 

Blessed with 25 miles of golden beaches along spectacular Banderas Bay and hugged by the rugged Sierra Madre mountains, Puerto Vallarta’s natural beauty is astounding. The area is also a hotbed of sophisticated shopping, international cafés and sizzling night spots. Whether your recipients prefer a peaceful commune with nature or to party the night away, this city by the bay presents the perfect vacation. 

Cancun is the Caribbean jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula. Frolic on the world’s most popular beaches or discover the ancient ruins of the Mayan culture. A captivating mix of tradition and modernity, it offers something for everyone: romantic waterside restaurants and trendy bars; designer boutiques and world-class dining; exquisite snorkeling and scuba diving and championship golf. This destination will delight even the most discerning traveler.

 Golf or Spa Getaway
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This unique three-two is ideal for customers and prospects: getting them, motivating them and keeping them.

The recipients of the Golf or Spa Getaway have the choice of teeing off at a championship golf course or refreshing at a full-service spa.

They can select from more than a dozen thrilling destinations, from the lovely island of Aruba – a blend of European culture and Caribbean charm — to the sacred earth of Sedona, mystical land of psychic energy. It includes three fun-filled days and two exciting evenings of deluxe hotel accommodations plus a rebate of up to $50 towards (1) round of golf OR (1) spa treatment at the location of your choice.

Whether it's a challenging game of golf or the chance to be totally pampered, the fact that this getaway will be GRAND is "par for the course"!

 Invite Scripts Product Information
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Inviting Scripts are easy to use. Would you like to have over 70 proven scripts and power phrases to use on your network marketing prospects?

How many times have you been disappointed by the outcome of a conversation with a prospect? Ever wish you knew the perfect thing to say that would get them to seriously look at your business?

It's easy to know the perfect thing to say to a prospect with the Tim Sales' Inviting Scripts. Now you can learn how to invite and recruit like a pro with Tim's PROVEN scripts. You will get:

  • Step by step instructions on how to get referrals and exactly what to say when you call them.
  • What to say to rude people to regain your posture, but not lose the prospect.
  • Scripts for any type of promotion you do including: one-on-one presentation, luncheon meeting, residential meeting, and recorded voice mail messages.
  • How to deal with people who've had a bad experience with network marketing.


  Brilliant Sales Questions
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Finally! Answers to Your Most Pressing Network Marketing Questions

PLUS … Answers to the Questions Prospects Love to Stump You With

You've been there before ...

An awkward situation ...

Is there a graceful way to handle this? Or should I just be assertive.

A question you can't answer ...

Will I look like the game show contestant who signals he knows the answer, then before a live audience and millions of television viewers, gets that deer-in-the-headlights look? Will I choke? Will I get the buzzer?

Maybe. You can better your odds of surviving an embarrassing situation or one that'll cost you a sale.

First prepare yourself and train with Brilliant Questions – Straight Answers.

I’ve got a whole library of brilliant questions that network marketers have asked me during teleclasses and through email over the years. You'll get it all – 67 questions and answers ... four CDs ... four hours of intense, rapid-fire training.

I leave no stone unturned. Take a look ...

  • How to answer "how much money do you make?"

  • How to avoid trapping yourself with the wrong presentation.

  • What to do when purchased leads show no interest after the first call.

  • How to find cues in your conversation to let you know when to move to the next step and when to pull back.

  • What do you do when someone asks "what does it cost?"

  • Recommendations for finding quality business partners?

  • How to handle arrogant health care professionals.

  • How to overcome the fear of taking the first step in selling someone.

  • The right answer for "how much money do you make?"

  • What to do when your sponsor leaves the company and no one in your upline has the time to help you.

  • What to do when your prospect says "It sounds like I would be selling something!"

  • How to confidently handle overly assertive prospects.

  • How to get prospects to actually look at the information you give them.

  • How to reestablish contact with someone who you've not been in contact with for a long time.

  • Surefire ways to motivate your downline.

  • How to get your downline to use the products and become productive team players.

And that's just for starters. There are 51 more burning questions answered at length on this 4-CD set.

Your answers to these tough questions can make it or break it for you. Don't let all your efforts go to waste because you didn't have the right answer at the right time. Get all the right answers by ordering Brilliant Questions – Straight Answers.

  Brilliant Communicator and Workbook
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The Most Comprehensive Training Course Ever Created ForMastering the Skill of Capturing Your Prospect’s Attention and Interest

From the very moment you meet a prospect, proper communication will make or break whatever relationship you hope to create.

Say the wrong thing or say the right thing in the wrong way and you can kiss that relationship goodbye or prevent it from ever growing into a financially rewarding experience. You’ll continue to hobble along earning just a fraction of what you’re capable of.

Fortunately, you don’t need to tote around an interpreter to get your message across. What you do need is an understanding of how effective communication works.

Want to make more sales and recruit more associates?

Discover the Ten Communication Qualities that will make all the difference between earning $200 a month and earning $2,000 a month. Or even $20,000 a month.

In Brilliant Communicator, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between success and failure may come down to getting this one thought right in your head.

  • The one simple thing you can do that will ensure that you’ll never say the wrong thing.

  • Win over any prospect with this simple gesture. Any child will tell you it works every time.

  • How to keep your prospect from taking control of your meeting depends on how much of this you use.

  • Why not paying attention to these simple details can send your prospect running the other way.

  • The one thing, that if not done properly, will almost always cause your prospect to distrust you.

  • The best sales techniques in the world are powerless if you don't know enough about this basic sales "tool" many network marketers overlook.

  • There's no difference between selling to a corporate executive and selling to a truck driver if you know how to avoid this common mistake.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. You get 10 CDs of recorded teleconferences filled with over 7 hours of the most dynamic and just plain useful strategies I’ve used personally to build a downline of over 56,000 network marketers in 26 countries.

Adopting these 10 communication qualities can help send your sales through the roof, but simply being aware of them can help you in any situation.

Bonus #1

I'm including with your "Brilliant Communicator" purchase another CD containing my "Non-Fluff Goal Training" teleclass. I know that setting goals for many of you is a nail-biting task that's easier to avoid than tackle.

But ask any successful businessperson how they got to where they are and setting achievable goals will be at the top of their list. Goal setting is a must-do. No way around it. But I am not a goal trainer. I am a goal achiever. My "Non-Fluff Goal Training" CD will make setting and achieving goals as easy as putting on a pair of shoes.

"Non-Fluff Goal Training" sells for $9.95 but I'm including it at no charge to you just for ordering "Brilliant Communicator."

Bonus #2

On the "Brilliant Communicator" CDs and the "Non-Fluff Goal Training" CD I often ask you to refer to an issue of my newsletter that contains the same subject matter.

So on yet another CD (now we're up to 12) you'll get copies of each issue of my newsletter related to the subjects I talk about on the other 11 CDs. This makes it real easy for you to follow along. Having them right at your fingertips makes this CD priceless.

You'll love how mastering the Ten Communication Qualities will raise your confidence about communicating with anyone. Put your money where it will do you the most good by ordering "Brilliant Communicator" and your bonus CD's now.

The Brilliant Communicator Workbook:

Created So You Can Put Brilliant Communicator to Use IMMEDIATELY

Obviously, you have to actually USE the principles on these CD’s to really internalize them and make them part of the way you do business. When you use something...you learn it...and then (and ONLY then) do you own it. If you don’t use it...then you kind of understand it...you’ve heard about it...you’ve read about it, but you don’t have true understanding until you use it.

That’s why Arlene Hutchison, a 45-year veteran schoolteacher turned Top-Performing Network Marketing Pro, used her phenomenal education skills to develop a companion workbook for Brilliant Communicator.

She wanted to create a system that would guarantee that her downline would be able to put these principles to work in their business – FAST.

Isn’t It Time For You to Get The Same Results...or Better?

In this package you will get:

  • Brilliant Communicator 10 CD Set,

  • Brilliant Communicator Workbook,

  • Non-Fluff Goals Training CD,

  • Bonus Newsletters on CD, and

  • Training CD where Arlene and I teach you how to use the workbook.
  Professional Inviter
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How Would It Feel To Finally Talk To Prospects With Confidence And Never Have The Slightest Fear Or Hesitation About What To Say Next?

Use this proven Inviting Formula to sponsor and sell more with less effort.

Does starting a conversation with your prospect come easy or do you get worked up and nervous beforehand - maybe even paralyzed with fear? Do you sometimes even hope you get an answering machine instead of having to actually talk to a prospect?

How about during the conversation? If something goes off track do you feel unsure about how to handle it? Have you ever had situations just get worse and worse as you get more and more tense?

How about the end - does it come out the way you planned? After a call that didn't go right, do you sometimes get the feeling that you're really not made out for networking?

All of those feelings I had - and I had them bad!

But I figured out how to recruit easily and successfully and I can teach you just like I have taught thousands of other now-successful network marketers. On my way to building an organization of more than 56,000 distributors, I had to overcome my fears. It took me a lot of years and practice but now I have taken everything I learned that works, and distilled it down into seven hours of audio so you can save yourself a lot of time getting to your goals.

Once you have listened to and practiced what you will learn in Professional Inviter,

  • You will no longer feel any fear or have any need to procrastinate. 
  • You will never be stumped by a question or objection again. 
  • You will even know how to prevent objections from arising.

You see, there is nothing more important in network marketing than inviting. If you can invite well, you can put your prospect in front of good presenters and good presentation tools (like videos, audios, websites – things like that). But if you can’t invite well, you’ll have a tough time in network marketing.

Professional Inviter is a unique tool because it breaks the inviting process down into very easy steps you can easily learn and then lets you listen to live calls so you can compare your own calls and improve.

In Professional Inviter you will learn everything you need to know to invite your prospect to look at your business and products. In fact, you only need to master this one thing to have the success you desire.

When you listen to Professional Inviter, you’ll learn my easy six-step formula and you'll discover there is a natural flow or formula to effective communication. And effective communicators use this formula, whether they realize it or not.

You’ll also learn that it’s easier to prevent objections than to handle objections and I’ll show you how to do that.

Listen in on my live calls with real prospects.

I recorded both sides of the conversation because I wanted you to hear every objection I encountered; every personality I had to deal with and every possible circumstance under which I invited someone to learn more about my Network Marketing business.

I also added my comments, like the director's commentary on a DVD. I take you by the hand and point out exactly what's going on at each step of the process.

You know, I care about this industry and I really care about your success. I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the years that makes people think I’m a “natural” salesman or communicator. I wasn’t a natural at all but I learned how to be one and so can you.

But I must caution you - do not listen to this training package as something where you can learn a quick trick or two – it is not that kind of training. The reason someone hasn’t had success is not because they’ve not learned enough tricks or not learned enough “new” things. It’s because they haven’t mastered the basics. Professional Inviter is the basics.

Remember, Confidence comes from competence.

And Competence comes from proper training and practice.

Get Professional Inviter and increase your confidence.

Committed to your success,